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PostHeaderIcon Matsu-Ya Sushi Bar and Grill

Phone: 715-341-8893

5725 Windy Drive Ste A

 Reservations Recommended!

Matsu-Ya is a small Sushi bar and grill located just outside of Stevens Point, WI and caters to those that are tired of typical American cuisine or on the go fast food.  The art and beauty of our handmade sushi makes each visit unique and special.  Along with our sushi, we offer traditional Japanese cuisine and a fine selection rice wine sake to complement your dining experience.  Our cozy casual environment and friendly service provide an unique atmosphere that is Matsu-Ya.  We serve our entire menu from 11am to 9:30pm during the week and until 10pm on Friday and Saturday.  Whether you're dining out with friends, or arranging a business meeting, Matsyu-Ya is the place for top quality Japanese cuisine and service.


PostHeaderIcon Monthly Features


SHREK Roll 12 pcs $14.95

Broiled eel, cream cheese, crabmeat tempura, tamago (egg sushi), avocado, and cucumber all in the middle of the roll. Wrapped in soy paper and finished with wasabi mayo, eel sauce, green tobiko, tempura flakes, green onion and furikake spice blend.


Mermaid Roll 10 pcs $14.95

Spicy tuna, shrimp tempura, and inari (tofu skin sushi) in the center. Alternating yellowtail, red snapper, and avocado on top. Dressed with eel sauce, sriracha sauce, tempura crunch, onion fritz, and golden tobiko.


The Spice Rolls!

Five different rolls all named after the spice girls! Come check them out!